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"Generous, COMPASSIONATE, and ENCOURAGING are a few characteristics to define Willem Leeks

He is known as the "gentle giant", always matching his 6'7 external height with the height of love AND compassion that he expresses to others daily. leeks possess a vigouros passion for advocation for millennials and assisting them with understanding and CULTIVATING THERE'S GOD-GIVEN purpose. He is a motivational speaker, TRANSFORMATIVE thinker, and poet. LEEK'S love for poetry commenced as a child, finding a love for rhyme and rhythm of words. Willem's passion for youth and young ADULTS traces back to his APPOINTMENT as youth DIRECTOR in 2015 AT Empowerment catherdral Church in antioch, ca. One of willem's favorite quotes is by denzel washington which states: " At the end of the day, IT'S not about what you have or what you have accomplished. IT'S about WHOM you have lifted, and WHOM you have MADE better!"

"Beautiful Roses"

Debut Poetry Single

Words from the "garden"


"Garden of Words Harvesting

in the Winter


"Garden of Words Harvesting in the Summer "


"Words from will"

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